09 April 2013

Kilronan: Tí Joe Watty's

Step one: take a bus out of Dublin at 6:45a, a different bus out of Galway at 9:30a, a ferry out of Rossaveal at 10:30a, and a bike out of Kilronan whenever you feel like it.

Step two: bike up to Dun Aengus.

Step three: Stare.

Congratulations!  Now you're starving.

Tí Joe Watty's
Inishmore, Co. Galway
(353) 99-20892

We biked back down to the little village of Kilronan after checking out Dun Aengus so we could eat at this highly-rated traditional Irish Pub: Ti Joe Watty's.  My Lonely Planet said it'd have a vegetarian option, and there weren't many other places to try, so - we checked it out.

Apsemenoja, Panoramio

My well-trained eyeballs fell directly onto the vegetarian option: Tagliatelle with broccoli, parm, and garlic cream sauce for €11.50 ($15.06).  Well, okay.  There was another veg item, but I didn't think mozzarella and onion was gonna help me out much.  I nabbed the tagliatelle and specifically requested that it come without the garlic cream sauce - in fact, no dairy at all.  Maybe some olive oil drenching would be in order.

That was a mistake.  I should have singled out not only the cream sauce, but the parm as well.  Because...

Only once I scraped most of the massive pile of cheese off the top was I able to achieve this.  But there were little bits of parm everywhere; there had been too much at the beginning to do a complete job.  Oh well!  It was actually SUPER fab.  There was a ton of delish olive oil coating everything, and garlic made the pasta and broccoli taste like magic.

Matt kindly ate some of my contaminated cheese-pasta.  In return, I got to dig into his chips.

They tasted just how they look: perfect.  Like McDonald's, if McDonald's fries weren't made out of garbage and fat.  These were made of potatoes and magic.

Then guess what we did.  Just guess.

Here's a hint:

I would live on a European train, if that were ever an option.  Is it an option?  I would endure a certain amount of heckling to achieve this.

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