05 May 2013

Austin: Casa de Luz

Becca and I went to Peru.  Look!

See?  That's totally Peru.

I mean the sign is in Spanish.  No, not the writing on the wall.  The sign on the door, below the quote.  And, like, you know.  The name of the restaurant.  It's Spanish.  Casa de Luz?  What could that mean?!  Who knows - it ain't English!

Casa de Luz
1701 Toomey Rd
Austin, TX  78704
(512) 476-2535

Okay, it wasn't Peru, it was Texas.  But Becca and I have been to Peru.  You can tell Casa de Luz is not in Peru because the food is so good.  And totally vegan and organic.

And there was approximately 100% less vomit.

So this beautiful place simply requires that you fork over $12 at the counter upon entering.  Desserts are extra.  But that 12 bucks covers salad, soup, and a big plate of entree.  You'll be so set.

We waltzed our hot little selves in for a Friday lunch, so this is what we got:

The Carrot Soup was yummy.  Nice and hot, but a bit bland.  More comfort-food than exciting.  We would've loved a little more basil all up in it.  The salad rocked - the greens were fresh and smothered in this lovely creamy dressing, interspersed with pecans.

Then they dropped off the little masterpiece you see below.

I'll just tell you now: everything was delicious.  The lentils on the left were almost Thanksgivingy-tasting, perhaps from a particularly strong bay leaf or some fresh sage.  Yum.  The corn and cabbage medley on the right was fun and crunchy.  The celery made me really happy.  On the bottom of the plate is brown rice with pesto, which, just.  BASIL.  And garlic.  They really blow my skirt up.  And, finally, the kale on the top also shone with unadulterated yumminess.  Chewy and perfect.  The sesame sauce had a great homemade tahini quality and possibly some miso - I could lick that stuff off a plate.  (Did I?  You decide.)

Oh, there's a cloud of sauerkraut at the top of the plate there.  I'm not.  Didn't.  NOPE.  (She said, with maturity.)

After Becca and I had super special awesome BFF lunch time, we went outside.  The sun was shining, we were smiling, and the next day we were gonna see a couple of our favorite people get married.  Then she had me put eyedrops in her eyes.

You know that episode of Friends, with Rachel and the eyedrops?

... I love you, Becca.