18 June 2013

Eden Prairie: Kona Grill

For vegans, Eden Prairie is a blighted wasteland.  Sure, we can go to places like Buca or Biaggi's and get an appetizer.  Sometimes with a server's help we can even fudge something on the menu into a passably edible vegan entree.  There's Osaka and Chipotle.  True.  But what if your sister's gluten free and your mom is super classy and sick of Japanese all the time and wants to take you somewhere nice, damnit?

The answer is... Dickey's Barbeque Pit.

Ha, ew.  (Although the aforementioned is allegedly a real, non-imaginary restaurant in Eden Prairie.)  The answer is Kona.

Kona Grill
11997 Singletree Ln
Eden Prairie, MN  55344
(952) 941-3262

Forget the trendy mood-lighting, cruise ship ambience, and fancy meat.  Kona is special because it's got a vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free menu.  Just request one from your server when you sit down, throw the V-word in your order, and you'll be all set.

If you're interested in edamame, you'll face a difficult decision.  Do you want traditional or angry style?  Traditional is $4.50, angry is a buck more.  All I can tell you is... listen to your heart.

Traditional is good.  Actually, Sister and Talia are convinced it's the best edamame they've ever had! It's good, salty, and, you know, like buttery or something.

Talia got a Vegetarian Roll with asparagus, avocado, cucumber, sprouts, and yamagobo (pickled burdock root, as if I know what that is) for $6.25.  It was super fresh, right down to the just-made rice.  Delish.

It came with more than 2 pieces, don't worry.

Then I got this awesome thing.  OMG.  It was incredible.  Look.

Pan-Asian Noodles: udon, tofu, veggies, and black bean garlic sauce.  Oh, it was so good!  The sauce had a kick to it, the noodles were perfect, the vegetables were crisp and wonderful.  Flavor abounds.  The tofu tasted amazing, what with all the spices encrusted into the breading.

I ate the whole thing!  As this is unusual for me, Mom called me a pig.  Then I think she called me skinny.  I felt honored.  I love you too, Mom.

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