22 July 2013

Minneapolis: Modern Times Cafe

Valynne came over yesterday in the middle of a Next Gen episode.  I paused it.

The rare, magical, surely lucky Data derp.  Good sign, I think, considering how much fun we had after that.

We had planned on going out for brunch - and Minneapolis is pretty much full to bursting of great brunch for vegans.  The city has all these amazing, unique little cafes that are only open for breakfast and lunch.  This is my next great untapped blog resource.  Valynne suggested Modern Times.  It turned out to be just as awesome as Data completely arguably, indirectly, not-really-at-all promised.

Modern Times Cafe
Modern Times Cafe
3200 Chicago Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55407
(612) 886-3882

Modern Times is only ever open till 5:00pm, and if you come here on a Saturday or Sunday, you have to expect you'll be waiting for a table.  It's tiny, smokey-in-a-good-way, and fills up fast, but the staff are super nice.  They'll take your name down, ask you if you'd like coffee, not blink when you order a black-iced-tea-with-a-little-soymilk, and bring your beverages out to you while you're sitting on the shaded bench waiting.  Breakfast service is over at 1:00 (weekdays at noon), and Valynne and I happened to arrive just after that for lunch.

As we waited, a kid fell off his bike in the street in front of us.  He didn't hit his head or appear injured or anything like that, but he laid on the street for like, 3, maybe 4 seconds without getting up.  I rushed over to him.  Only then did he bother to stand.  He was fine!  Apparently the street was comfortable.  Not sure the benefits outweigh the risks for me, but he did seem to know how to avoid getting run over by cars.

'Member when I said the staff is super nice?  Seriously.  They are ridiculously on top of things.  Just as we settled in at our booth, Valynne took her coffee over to the coffee station to get cream.  Next thing we know, one of the servers is giving us a sugar shaker and a little cream cup.  Valynne stirred the stuff into her coffee with a stir stick.  Then the server whipped by again and landed a tiny spoon in Valynne's mug.  Is that not amazing?!

Sometimes grown women both order the same thing.  This is one of those special times.  The TLT - Tempeh, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich for $6.50 - was just that good.  Valynne got a side salad with hers, which was fresh, crispy, and simple, with a lemony light vinaigrette.  Then the sandwich was like, gawd.  So great.  It had basil veganaise spread all over the inside of that perfectly crispy toasted bread.  Tasted incredible.  The tempeh was nice and smokey, especially good on the outer edges... but the inside of it still had a little of that soy taste that can be hard to cook out.  Other than that, I loved it.

Don't know if you can tell, but it comes with a pickle.

After that we walked around Nokomis.  We were like SEW South Minneapolis.  But let's be real.  Credit where it's due: the derp that inspired and energized us.  Thanks Data.

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