28 July 2013

Minneapolis: Seward Cafe

It is just silly that I hadn't been here before.  It's one of the most vegan-friendly restaurants in Minneapolis!  Probably second only to Ecopolitan.  Plus they serve breakfast.  Seriously.  Check out their menu.  Am I allowed to say best vegan breakfast in the city?  Because I think it might be true.

Chef Amber Shea
Seward Cafe
2129 E Franklin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 332-1011

Seward Cafe is so iconically Minneapolis punk.  The little building is as old as the city, it seems, and the partly mismatched tables and chairs squeak whenever you stand up.  You gotta love a place with history.  To order, grab a spot in line for the register.  Ogle the menu and write your order on one of the provided slips.  Hand it to the staff member behind the counter, pay, and wait for your name to be called.  When your food's ready, snag it from the old-school diner style window counter at the kitchen.  Piece of cake.

I grabbed a Peppermint Iced Tea to start with, then merely had to spin around to find the soymilk, which I could add myself!  Holy moly.  Coffee stations with DIY soymilk are a rare and beautiful thing.

Hipster tea vs. pee-colored tea.  Who will win?

Matt had a hard time restraining himself in there.  I suppose it could've been worse.  He did, to his credit, only order one vegan muffin and a single soy chai in addition to his meal.  The Smooth Operator Muffin tasted like sweet cereal to me.  With raisins.

I will operate your digestive tract with the smoothest of touches.

Matt gobbled it up, mentioning hints of orange or apricot between bites.  His Chai was sweet and spicy.  Like my iced tea, it came in a frosty frozen mug and stayed cold for ages.

His 2 slices of Vegan French Toast set us back $7.

Here you can see the toast orbiting the syrup, just inside the event horizon.

They're made with nice thick whole wheat bread and a spicy, gingery flaxseed batter.  They come with your choice of butter or margarine, and some 100% pure maple syrup.  Happily, I found the taste nice and spicy, without being too sweet.  It was quite filling.  I could've eaten a whole two slices myself, if not for my...


Cleared for take-off.

$7 of finger-lickin' hot mess.  This was the first gyro I've had in my life, and after hearing all the hype these puppies get, I wasn't disappointed.  Every ingredient was perfect; the veggies were crisp and fresh, the pita soft and moist, the grilled marinated tempeh solid, and the tahini sauce tangy and super runny.  I loved every bite, even as it sent more sauce drizzling down my hands.  Gyros.  I get it now.  I can never untaste what I tasted that day, and I never want to.

There are so many more vegan options to try.  And - I didn't know this - it's open for dinner!  So if you're wondering where to take your new vegan girlfriend, this is it.  If you're wondering where to take anyone who likes incredible food, well, coincidentally, this also happens to be it.

Plus you can write all over the bathroom walls and paper towel dispenser with chalk.

No he's not, he has a time machine!  He has all the time he needs.  The re-entry's just a little bumpy.

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