15 July 2013

Seattle: New Saigon Restaurant

On my way home, I wound up stuck in Seattle for 7 hours on a layover.  I took the light rail into town.

This, not quite yet being "town," was my view from the light rail.

This is maybe one of the best cities in the US for a long layover – provided you’re not doing it on a Sunday evening when practically everything is closed downtown for some reason.  Like I did.  Oops.

New Saigon Restaurant
1529 6th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 623-0212

It was okay.  Despite the difficulty of finding a place to eat off the cuff, I wound up at a rather wonderful restaurant.  The sign drew me in – it had pictures of the Vietnamese dishes all over it, which usually is a no-no, but it said vegetarian-friendly.  Always a yes.  Except for that stupid Chinese place in Roppongi.

I grabbed the Com Cari Tofu (Tofu Curry) for $9.50 off the menu’s vegetarian page – super spicy, soupy, and full of yummy vegetables like broccoli, bok choy, mushrooms, onions, and carrots.

The veggies were, for the most part, just a teensy bit overcooked, and the tofu left a little to be desired, but the sauce compensated.  I even poured it over my rice and slurped it all up.  Being alone, I read some Sherlock Holmes.  I had a pretty great time.

On the way back to the light rail station, I walked by a Starbucks.  I could hardly be expected to stop in Seattle without visiting a Starbucks, and these seemed to be the only establishments that were consistently open at 8:30pm on a Sunday.  I walked in, ordered my venti iced tea with a little bit of soymilk like I had been grabbing from Starbucks once or twice a day in Tokyo, and my jaw dropped at the SIZE of the venti.  Do you know how small things are in Japan?  Oh, glorious Seattle, with your huge cups.  That was a good iced tea.


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