11 August 2013

Minneapolis: The Harriet Brasserie

The restaurants of Linden Hills are fancy places for fancy people.  Or, fancy places for people like AJ and me who are willing to pretend to be fancy for a short period of time as long as we are served a Nutella Mocha and Crawfish Grits (AJ) and/or a vegan meal (me).

I am 95% sure they don't get their food animals from Wild Rumpus next door.

We didn't call it the Harriet Brassiere once while we were there.

The Harriet Brasserie
2724 W 43rd St
Minneapolis, MN 55410
(612) 354-2197

Exotic animal dishes abound at The Harriet Brasserie.  Pheasant, duck, bison, octopus and more all roam freely across the menu.  I'm sure the animals were free-range, well-fed, and produced organically.  Whatever.  But the nice thing is that there's this one vegan option: Tofu Hash for $10.  It's cleverly made available for brunch and dinner.

This wild tofu grew up among the bison and pheasant, then was humanely slaughtered for your enjoyment.
 You know how watercress can be "spicy"?  This is a phenomenon I thought I had understood.  The stuff on that plate kicked my butt.  It made my throat close up, the flavor was so intense!  That was one of the first bites, before I realized I needed to incorporate bites of the strong, lemon-vinaigretted greens into my consumption of the tofu mixture in order to avoid overstimulated taste buds.

The fried tofu was accompanied by yucca, red bell pepper, shishito peppers, and fermented black beans.  The flavor combination was spicy, tangy, and lovely, and the textures - especially with watercress thrown into the mix - provided a fantastic variety.  The tofu tasted slightly bitter, but overall I confess myself impressed by the preparation of such a complex vegan dish at such a fancy meat-oriented brassiere.  I mean, brasserie.

Come here with a non-vegan and watch them drink a Nutella Mocha.  Then kindly offer to smell their mug for them.  This, I feel, is a major selling point.  Matt's gonna be all up ons.

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